Special features of the project is the virtual world technology applying, that provides person's deep immersion in the determined environment and interaction with environment's objects, using and even expanding its different characteristics - physical, psychophysical and others adequate people daily life and activities.

Value of the technology
     Active applying of sensorimotor human functions, full sensory perception of a material, direct formation of experience during joint work.

     High quality of Virtual worlds' real-time appendixes (dispatchers, avia, auto simulators, training and entertaining systems and etc.) were realized on the base of Instrument set of the world leaders in this field - MultiGen -Paradigm, Sense8, Virtools firms and others. Participant of the project - SUAI will demonstrate several examples of these appendixes.

     The project will be realized on the base of cheaper and simple for mastering and maintenance perspective Web 3d technologies, for instance VRML/X3D. Main deficiencies of this approach (less qualitative and reactive appendixes, difficulties with organization of the multimodal interface and with browser set up for final user) are not hinder its' applying in education, science and culture and etc.

Virtual world in the project has the following base characteristics:
Virtual world is a VRML/X3D world (in the long term - MPEG 4).
User's interface - base level:
     - Level of immersing - three-dimensional world with six degree of freedom - through a screen of the standard monitor;
     - Kind of interaction - movement in the three-dimensional world with six degrees of freedom plus interaction with objects - by means of the keyboard and mouse.
Hyper- and multimedia.
One and multi-user access for local and distributed performance.
The means of delivery of a material to the user is CD's, telecommunication or mixed.
Possibility to populate virtual worlds by the characters (avatars)
Platform of support - Intel/Pentium; Windows 98 and higher; Internet/Intranet.

     Therefore for creation of virtual worlds, taking into account a modern technological level and available resources, it is possible to begin from a base level of immersing and interaction with gradual increase of degree of immersing and level of interaction, because of refinement of models and connection of devices (such as a personal display, sensor gloves, joysticks with a feed back, generated odors and taste, etc), creation of kinesthetic sensations, simulators (bicycle, auto and etc.).

     Pictures of some devices, used in the virtual world's appendixes of SUAI are demonstrated below.


Financial support - Committee on the Preparation and Organization of St.Petersburg's 300th Anniversary Celebration
2002 SPbSUAI in cooperation with RSHU, SPbSIFMO, SPbSPU, SPbSU, SPbSUTD, SPbSETU