For viewing the project it is necessary to use the following software:

- Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher;

- Plug-in for viewing VRML/X3D scenes ParallelGraphics Cortona VRML Client;
Install Cortona VRML Client for FREE!
- Plug-in for viewing panoramas Microsoft SurroundVideo Control;

- Macromedia Flash Player.

     Recommended screen resolution 1024x768.

     Models of universities are saved in VRML format and loaded to a window of ParallelGraphics Cortona VRML Client. For correct viewing of models of universities it is recommended to install the driver of your videocard given by the manufacturer and also to adjust ParallelGraphics Cortona VRML Client. For adjustment choose the right button of the mouse in the window of viewing of model and from appeared menu choose Preferences... In appeared window choose Renderer bookmark. For videocards with 3D hardware accelerator choose DirectX Renderer or OpenGL Renderer. For videocards without the hardware accelerator choose R98 Renderer.

     At a choice of hardware acceleration DirectX (DirectX Renderer) also it is recommended to establish last version DirectX from Microsoft web site (

     Moving on model is carried out by pressing of the left button of the mouse and dragging of the cursor on a window of display of model, or arrows of the keyboard. For change of speed of moving choose from the menu which occurs on the right button, Speed item and choose speed of moving. More detailed information on navigation and adjustments can be received, having chosen Help - User's Guide item from the same menu.

Recommended minimal system configuration:
     400 MHz Intel Pentium Processor
     64 MB RAM
     SVGA 65536 color display, 800x600, 3D Accelerator
     Sound card
     Microsoft Windows 98/2000/Me/XP

Financial support - Committee on the Preparation and Organization of St.Petersburg's 300th Anniversary Celebration
2002 SPbSUAI in cooperation with RSHU, SPbSIFMO, SPbSPU, SPbSU, SPbSUTD, SPbSETU